Polyurethane Droplet Protection Face Guard


Face mask short comings

Face mask can be an effective protective gear to use in preventing airborne droplets inhalation.

However, there is still considerable large surface on the upper part of the face (forehead area and eye especially) that need extra protection.


Polyurethane Droplet Protection Guard

  • 100% Korea made quality.
  • Quality soft 2mm polyurethane surface ensure clear comfort view, minimum wrinkle on see through surface-minimal visual distortion.
  • Face coverage width 55cm.
  • Circumference minimum 36cm. Tie-on String Length 35.5cm
  • Could be sanitize and reusable design.
  • Suitable to use with other personal protective equipment (PPE). Fit on to any gear or hat.
  • Durable and detachable, comfortable tie-on application enable one-size fit-all with comfort.
  • Non PVC, non-hazardous materials- polyurethane that passed the RoHS test. *certificate upon request


Koroguard Koroguard

KoroGuard vs other products

  • Non distorted clear view, minimal visual distortion enable better visual.
  • Soft 2mm polyurethane with no sharp/hard edges.
  • Designed to be reusue and disinfect.
  • Wider 55cm width protection ( VS normal 30cm).
  • Certified non-hazardous polyurethane material.
  • Koraguard fit adult and child. Non-bulky to carry.

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