Advance Wound Care

EmoLED Photobiomodulation

EmoLED studies the effects of blue LED light in the treatment of skin lesions in collaboration with some of the leading Italian research centres in physics and medicine. This research has led to the discovery that blue light is able to resolve inflammation and stimulate skin tissue regeneration via the process of photobiomodulation for wound healing.

Nanogen Aktiv & Nanogen Aktigel

Nanogen Aktiv & Aktigel is a bio-cellulose product to be used in chronic wound that has little progress.

The nano structured membrane and the bio-cellulose ingredient is bacteriostatic and it encourages epithelial cell migration, control infection, speed up slough tissue debridement to aid chronic wound.

RTD® Wound Dressing

A new combination ingredient foam to fight chronic wound infection.

Chronic non-healing wounds represent a problem for clinicians. Opened chronic wound are exposed to constant bacterial and fungal infection. Research shows estimating that up to 80% of wounds contain fungi and form mixed fungal-bacterial biofilms, this will delay wound heal causing significant morbidity and mortality especially in elderly, diabetic, and obese populations.

RTD® Wound Dressing is a proprietary highly absorbent antimicrobial polyurethane foam with integrated: The combination of methylene blue, gentian violet and silver plus singlet oxygen (derived from methylene blue) exerts a synergistic and powerful microbial killing for both fungi and bacteria.
The presence of foam capillary suction helps in exudate management, pulls liquefied biofilm and bacteria from wound bed in a wet infected wound.

Genadyne UNO & UNO+

UNO Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT) is a US-FDA and local approved medical device that is used for suction of highly exudative wet wound. Negative pressure maintained 24 hour with Direct or Variable suction mode to speed up wound closure.

It is a handy portable unit, rechargeable and comes with exchangeable canisters to capture exudate.

This disposable unit comes in 15 days or 30 days packages for patients who need to be discharged home or be mobile.

Epigranex Capsules & Epigran Protein

Good nutrition is essential in wound healing process. Our body will utilize what we consume to convert into energy and building blocks to enable tissue and skin growth - granulation and epithelization.

Inadequate intake, overconsumption and specific nutrient deficits are some of the deterrent factor that would impede wound healing process.

Epigran range of products are nutrition supplement and functional food formula that contains macro & micro nutrients, proteins and supplements to support healing in various phases of wound heal.
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